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Trench heaters : Price



Type of convector: VC.75.260.2PH

Height: 75 mm.

Width: 260 mm.

Heat output :  (90/70/20 °C)  92 - 974 W.

Standard length: 600-3000 (50 mm interval)

Trench heaters : Price VC 75 260


Type Height [mm] Width [mm] Heat output Standard length [mm]
(95/85/20 °С) [W]
VC.075.260.2PH 75 260 92 - 974 600-3000 (50 mm interval)
Trench heaters : Price


Trench heaters Price VC 75 260



(Heat exchanger 2 pipe, horizontal)

CharacteristicsHeat output W
Adjustable body height 0 - 40 mm.
Heat exchanger 2-pipe
Heat exchanger length L- 350 mm.
Heat exchanger width 100 mm.
Heat exchanger height 50 mm.
Pipe diameter 15 mm.
Operating pressure 16 bar (1.6 MPa)
Connection 2 x G1/2"(internal thread)
Center distance of the heat exchanger pipes 50 mm.
Maximum heat transfer fluid temperature 95 °С
Heat output diagram VC.075.260.2PH


Trench heaters VC 75 260




GuaranteesDesign featuresContents of deliveryDescription

The manufacturer provides the following warranty:

  • 10 years on a plate copper-aluminum heat exchanger;
  • 10 years for through corrosion of the convector body;
  • 1 year for fans and other used convector parts.

VITRON convector manufacturer reserves the right to change designs and prices without prior notice.

  • case material - galvanized steel 1 mm thick, coated with wear-resistant powder coating (coating color: matt black);
  • material and coating of grills - anodized aluminum, powder coated aluminum, wood (oak);
  • height adjustment from 0 to 40 mm due to special adjusting bolts;
  • heat exchanger connection - G1 / 2 ’’ (internal thread);
  • the use of materials with increased heat transfer properties (Cu - copper, Al - aluminum) and resistant to corrosion;
  • copper-aluminum heat exchanger coated with wear-resistant powder coating (coating color: matte black);
  • special adjustment screws make it easy to align the convector in a horizontal plane.
  • powder coated galvanized steel casing;
  • set of installation legs;
  • transverse or longitudinal grills;
  • decorative frame made of aluminum L and Z-shaped profile or edging of J and F-profile made in the color of the grille;
  • copper-aluminum heat exchanger (diameter of copper pipe 15 mm);
  • manual air vent G1 / 8 ’’;
  • technical passport, installation and operating instructions;

Convector in-field water uses air circulation for heating, not radiation, as in the case of conventional radiators. Circulation is created by rising heated air. Air circulates inside the room, and temperature differences throughout the room are minimal. The warmth in the room is more pleasant and natural.

Another advantage of VITRON convectors is their low surface temperature. Thanks to the heat transfer method, the front panels are heated to a maximum temperature of 40°C, even at a water temperature of 90°C. as a result, there is no danger, even with prolonged contact-suitable for schools, kindergartens, children's rooms, etc.

Heat transfer to the room takes place in a heat exchanger or so-called register, which consists of a copper pipe on which aluminum slats have been mechanically installed. The flow of hot water through the heat exchanger heats the pipe. This, in turn, heats the slats, which begin to heat the surrounding air - this phenomenon is called convective warm air circulation.

When developing a new form of al slats, we tried to incorporate all the new knowledge into their design. A new feature is the unique horizontal grooved surface of the plates in the direction of the air flow, which leads to better heat transfer to the room - when passing through the heat exchanger, the air becomes more turbulent.


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